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TEAK THE CLUTCH: extremely easy.

Evocatively linked to the nautical world; reminiscent of the deck of a yacht. Sea, holidays and sun are the elements that come to mind. Suitable for the day with its easy look easy, and perfect for the evening to enhance your elegance.


EBANY CLUTCH: the height of Luxury.

Without a doubt one of the most precious woods with its warm black and reddish brown stripes which enhance the glossy finish and make this an elegant accessory for the woman who does not want to go unnoticed.



This version involves the use of mahogany and features a blue strip cut horizontally by a white line. This is what many super yachts look like when viewed sideways. The three colours harmoniously blend together and turn it into an elegant and refined accessory.



The uniqueness of this bag is due to its creation, made from mahogany wood repurposed from “RIVA” motorboats renovation. Every bag is therefore a unique piece, with its peculiar coloring acquired during cruising years. Furthermore, the white area with the blue line immediately recall the “RIVA” ship's sides.


All the clutch bags have polyester gloss finish, leather outside and chrome free inside lining.